Topic 6

The Final Reflection

As a Curriculum Innovation module, I wasn’t sure what to expect from UOSM2008. Whilst I considered myself to be a fairly experienced ‘digital resident’ before the module, I was keen learn more about the web as a tool for both personal and professional development.

Self-Test: Then and Now

Figure 1. Self-Test Results (self-produced via Piktochart)

My Learning Journey

The experience of creating and maintaining a blog was challenging, yet rewarding. One thing that surprised me about the module was how much freedom we had to make our blog our own, as well as the freedom to engage with peers and lecturers on Twitter. This was certainly a welcome change to the restricted and rigid structure of modules I had previously taken.

Having 3 deadlines fortnightly was an aspect that I was initially apprehensive about. However, this kept me on my toes and strengthened my time-management skills, which I’m sure I’ll be thankful for when I enter the fast-paced working world. The infographic below captures the highlights of my learning journey.


My Learning Journey
Figure 2. My Learning Journey (self-produced via Visme)

Development: Knowledge

One thing that surprised me about the module was the depth and complexity of the topics explored. Each week, I immersed myself in the literature of the set topic and applied my own critique in the main blog post, only to discover that I had merely scratched the surface!

I also completely underestimated the value of interacting with others. By asking questions, sharing ideas and engaging in discussion, I quickly realised that there was a lot I could learn from communicating with my peers. For me personally, collaborating with others was the most valuable experience of the module and something I hope to take forward in my future career. The slideshow below summarises the topics explored and the knowledge I gained from them.

Topic Summaries
Figure 3. Topic Summaries (self-produced via Prezi)

Development: Skills

An aspect of the module that I found difficult was keeping to the very limited word count. This encouraged me to not only write more concisely, but also to think outside the box and explore different ways of presenting information visually. I was also surprised at how much I could apply the skills gained from the module to my university studies and part-time marketing role. If someone told me at the start of the module that I would be creating, editing and recording a voiceover for my own YouTube video, I wouldn’t have believed it…

Development: Digital Portfolio

Being an active social media user for both personal and professional use, I didn’t expect my profiles to undergo much change. Thus, I was amazed to see how much of an impact the module had on my online presence. The video below outlines some of the key steps I’ve taken to build my digital portfolio.

Figure 4. My Digital Portfolio (self-produced via PowToon)

Future Steps

Beyond the knowledge and skills I’ve gained, the most significant improvement for me has been my confidence. I now feel confident in my ability to continue blogging through my personal lifestyle blog, as well as the ability to boost my career opportunities through professional networking. As I graduate and embark on a career in marketing, this module is one that has not only enriched my university experience, but one that I will take forward with me as I continue to live and work on the web.

Figure 5. Steps to be taken beyond the module (self-produced via Google Slides)

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